Dr. Elie El-Hage

dr-elie-el-hageDr. Elie El-Hage graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1992 from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. After completing an advance general practice residency at the Baylor College of Dentistry in 1993, Dr. El-Hage opened his own dental practice in Austin Texas in 1994.  Dr. El-Hage just completed the opening of his second dental office in 2011. In addition Dr. El-Hage has a joined venture with JTIL (Jewelry & Technological institute of Lebanon) and with his brother Mr. Alfred El-Hage.


When it comes to jewelry production, Lebanon serves at the forefront. Actually, it is one of the most influential countries in this industry. Its reputation in jewelry production is largely attributed to a very specialized workforce, in every facet of this trade. This highly esteemed stature in the jewelry field is what led us to open our Jewelry and Technological Institute of Lebanon (JTIL) in 1989. The Institute, with its state of the art technology, curriculum, and highly qualified teachers attracts students from Lebanon and the neighboring Arab Nations. Up to date, the Institute has graduated more than 1,500 students. Our graduates carry our legacy wherever they go in the world.  Across the globe, JTIL Graduates encompass every sector of the jewelry production market, including diamond and precious stone cutting and setting, as well as design and high end watch repair and maintenance.



Our hope is to persevere in our vocational message of this unique profession.

Our goal is to make available to our students, the tools necessary to meet success in an ever evolving and growing market.

Our aim is to partner every graduate with an internship or career path of their choice.


Lebanon holds the opportunity of becoming the number one country in jewelry design, production, and export.  We have the will and the power to get there.  We have the history as testament to our determination and perseverance to meet this goal Remember the Phoenicians and the Egyptians? Yes, they were the masters of the jewelry trade in the Old World.  With the support of our country and future generation of students, we can be these masters once more. Who is ready to embark on a journey full of excitement, competition, and adventure?  I know I am.